There’s magic in falling in love with you.

Did you know that women used to rule the world? We shared the role of leader with the men of our tribes. We were the medicine women, the healers and lovers. Whenever there was a conflict or pain, it was the women that resolved the issue.

We used love, compassion, forgiveness and guidance to keep everyone healthy, happy and living in community.

And men were warriors. Powerful leaders with compassion, not afraid of their emotions or expressing them. They were the caretakers, lovers and role models. We women needed them if we were to be fully in our feminine power, and we knew it. They were our lightening rod, able to weather our storms in celebration.

Here’s the difference between now and then: We have forgotten just how powerful we are. I’m here to help you remember, in a big way. Because you’re worth it, and the world needs you.

You want your life to rock.

You want relationships that are juicy, fulfilling and soul satisfying. What is happening in our world matters to you and “making a difference” isn’t just a catch phrase.

You want to stop being run by what life has thrown at you and start living, NOW. Even when you’re in the middle of major shifts and minor meltdowns. And going it alone can be overwhelming.

That’s where I come in.

The instigator, the button pusher and the compassionate, committed stand for You that always and only sees you as the incredible, powerful person that you are. It’s time to stop surviving and start thriving.

Everything you need, you already have. I will help you remember Who you are and What you’re capable of. We’ll discover Why you do what you do any Where in your life and How you can have that juicy, fulfilled and soul satisfying life you’ve been dreaming of. Who knows, you may even find out you’ve been dreaming too small!

I am a Spiritual Pragmatist. That means that no matter what breakthroughs, ah ha moments, insights or energy healing that result from our sessions, it will be the practice’s taught and homework that will integrate those things into your life. What’s the point of Enlightenment without actions resulting in changes to your current reality?

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