How to Live Fearlessly From Love

How to Live Fearlessly From Love


A while back I was asked to come lead a meditation and healing night by a client that has become a friend. He supposed there would be about six people in attendance. It was to be held at the home of one of his friends and they were inviting people as well. When I arrived the only people there were the hosts, my friend and I. Within about 30 minutes another 13 people showed up, half of them I swear did not have a clue what they had gotten themselves into.

(Thank you Spirit for the power of friendship!)

As we all settled in I began to speak into the topic that I intended to lead the evening around, a topic that had been in heavy rotation with my personal meditations and thoughts. The topic was forgiveness.

For the first 10 minutes or so I simply shared my view on forgiveness and the power it brings forth when we embrace it on all levels. There was much head nodding and a few sighs as people began to relate to the topic and each other. A feeling of connection was beginning to form.

I then moved into guiding them in a 30-minute meditation, offering the opportunity to go home to their hearts and connect with all of their inner wisdom. They were beginning to get a taste of what it means to love fearlessly.

Some were still and quiet, others fidgeting, and a couple with eyes opening and closing throughout. One man left the room as his coughing became too much. Even that was a beautiful opportunity for opening to self-acceptance, another step in loving yourself.

When I knew it was time to come back from their journeys, we reconvened on this plane of existence and I asked each one in turn to share the experience they’d just had. That is when the miracles were revealed.

Her ancestors met one woman in her heart as they requested she continue on her journey of healing, showing her that it was they she was healing as well.

A man saw in my eyes his own perfection. He saw for the first time that he was not and is not broken.

Another woman awoke to her truth; that all she had been through, all of the pain she had experienced was medicine that she could use to heal another.

My friend had a profound experience of divine truth that when shared hit deep in the hearts of all in the room.

There were tears; there was laughter, wisdom shared, connections made, healings and an expansion of love.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of courage and compassion that filled that room. We were truly blessed with the presence of the divine, the knowledge of the elders and the chance to connect soul to soul.

As I walk my path, each day shows me with more clarity that we are not alone; that all of humanity is connected in a way that is beyond these bodies we walk around in. Beyond our personalities, addictions, stories, pasts and futures. That room was full of gorgeous, courageous souls all seeking the same exact thing whether they could articulate it or not: to Live Fearlessly from Love.


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