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    More of what you want in life.

    The Embrace Your Humanity Online Course  guides you to create transformative results. Learn to stop the negative scripts you’ve been playing over and over and replace them with messages that reflect the real you.

    The You that is powerful and ready to end self-sabotage and settling for less.

    The You that knows there’s more and is ready to embrace it.

    The You who shows up and takes action.

    Join today to experience the life-changing impact.

    Attending Jill Prescott’s workshop was a profound healing and heart opening experience for me. In fact, wherever you are along the path of personal healing and empowerment, may I suggest that attending Jill’s workshop be the very next thing you do.
    Norman Mann, C.Ht
    Certified Hypnotherapist
    Vancouver, B.C.

    ”Norman Mann”, ””

    Researchers and scientists posit that we all have anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day, every day.

    And most of these are the same thoughts. A running dialogue; or maybe we should call it a running monologue of commentary. That chatter impacts everything you do. All aspects of your personal, professional and spiritual life.

    Yay! Or Yikes?

    I call this our inner critic. Most of us take the input we’ve been given over a lifetime and replay the painful, hurtful comments. The childhood stuff you don’t even know you remember is there along with all the chatter that runs as we deal with day to day life.

    The Embrace Your Humanity course gives you the permission to face up to, deal with, heal and create a new relationship with that critic. Wouldn’t you rather have your own personal guide? We are hard-wired to keep the mental conversation going. You’ll be given tools that will show you how to change the content, the language and the results that go with ditching the inner critic and embracing your inner guide.

    Changing lives is a big commitment. One that I take seriously. We’re not talking rainbows and unicorns here. This is about real life. The good, the not-so-good and the parts we haven’t faced in a long, long while.

    Maybe never.

    We all know that there is no miracle pill. But that doesn’t mean we settle for anything less than miracles.

    And you don’t have to go it alone.

    In a small group format I will guide you through the obstacles that prevent you from living your best life.

    Relationships – Get real about the impact you have on the people in your life. When you make changes and embrace the possibilities in your day to day, it changes the people around you too. I will show you how to show up as the best version of you and how that can improve every meaningful relationship in your life.

    Career – Embrace what is possible. I will walk you through the mine-field of what we’ve all been taught. To accept what we’ve been given. To be thankful for what we have. To hold back our expectations for more. With a deep appreciation for what IS, I will show you how to be just as in tune with what CAN BE. Isn’t it time you starting loving your work instead of enduring what doesn’t inspire or motivate you?

    Radical Self Acceptance – Yes. We’re going there. No one makes it to adult-hood without pain, heartache and disappointment. I will show you how to live your truth with love and acceptance. Not pretending it never happened or glossing over the rough stuff. Real acceptance of who you are. Loving your baggage and problems and eliminating their power to impact the future version of you.

    Powerful? Yes. Transformative? Absolutely.

    This online course will help you take everything you are, everything you know right now, and all that you desire and show you how to make it REAL.

    Jill’s workshop was just what I needed. I knew the critic was there but being able to name her and identify her was instrumental in learning how to manage her.  Jill is a master at digging deep and helping you get to the core. She holds a wonderful safe space for self discovery and group discovery.  We learned from each other too. I look forward to continuing the journey with her. Highly recommend this to anyone who is holding back.

    ”Susi Vasseur”, ”Hearts Wide Open”

    This is your chance to be heard.
    Really understood.

    By someone who doesn’t judge where you’ve been or what you’ve done rather someone who’s invested in where you want to go. And who you want to be when you get there.

    When you aren’t bound to past beliefs new openings are created. With ease. Without struggle. Isn’t it time you got rid of the old patterns and programs that you’ve been bound by for lifetimes? It’s no wonder it doesn’t serve you now.

    New openings are possible. This course can make that happen for you.

    Here’s What You’ll Experience

    We’ll keep the group small, only 20 spots. I want to make sure every single participant experiences results.

    This is a 6 week online course starting October 6th. At the beginning of the week you will receive via email:

    • a Video guide outlining the module 
    • PDF file (for those of you that prefer to read)
    • a worksheet 
    • a guided meditation to help you focus

    You’ll have the following 2 weeks to “do the work”. To keep us all connected, you will have access to a PRIVATE FB group in which to stay in touch with each other and me. I’ll be actively participating so post your questions, roadblocks and breakthroughs!

    Module One: Recognize the negative self-talk that is holding you back.

    Intention: Clarity

    Date: October 6th (Arrives in your inbox)

    It’s not possible to change what we cannot see or, in this case, hear. We all have voices in our heads that stop us from living our purpose fully with joy and love. When we learn to listen it becomes clear that it is happening a whole lot more than we’re aware of. In this module you’ll get to know your personal inner critic and begin the process of recognizing the patterns and personality. Even though this is a part of you, there’s something amazing that happens when we can put an image, voice and personality to it. Just reading this you may even have started to recognize yours. Your 4th grade teacher perhaps? 😉

    Module Two: What’s it going to take to turn this around?

    Intention: Tools for healing.

    Date: October 20th (Arrives in your inbox)

    Before you can make the changes that create transformation you must clear space for the new. In this module, we find out what the messages are behind the negative self-talk. All inner critics fall into one of seven different categories. We’ll explore all of these together and find out what the message is behind the madness and why they came into existence in the first place. It may not seem like it right now, but the truth is for all these years the stuff you’ve been telling yourself has been attempting to protect you on a subconscious level. This will be a week of healing.

    Module Three: Who are you really, when you’re not who you think you are?

    Intention: Creating your guide.

    Date: November 3rd (Arrives in your inbox)

    Now we get to alter the language from a place of clarity and wholeness. What do you really want and how would you like to be supported? It’s time to take that inner critic and turn it into your own personal inner guide. Imagine being able to catch your self-sabotaging language in an instant, notice what brought it on and then, with love and compassion, alter the language to creates positive new thoughts, emotions and actions. Don’t be surprised if the image you have of your inner critic alters as you let go of the ‘critic’ and embrace the ‘guide’!


    Date: November 17th

    Wow, you’ve done amazing work! Time to celebrate, recognize and honour each other and ourselves. I have lots of surprises planned for this call as we introduce our new personal guides. Party time!!

    *Call in details etc to follow via email*

    Support and Guidance:

    Between modules you will have unlimited access to the FB Group. You can share the personal and the private as you work on clearing out the baggage that’s stopping you and learn to invite in the new. This is deep work and I am committed to supporting your transformation.

    There are so many miracles available when we support and love each other through change. Here, in our private gathering place, we will share our roadblocks, healings and breakthroughs with my unwavering support and love.

    Your Investment: $200.00 (Total) 


    Throughout the program, some of you may want to spend some quality one on one time with me. If so, I will be offering 1 hour sessions for $120.00 (My regular rate is $160.00)

    Perhaps you already know you’d like to have that support. If so, here’s the link to book those sessions ahead of time:

    Private session with discount click here!


    Jill Prescott really knows her stuff because she’s been there… she holds a deep gift of connecting heart-to-heart with a quiet bold patience that helped me feel safe…  i really appreciate her quick laser insight… first, during our 45-minute breakout call and then, when i attended her workshop… during the workshop, Jill helped me re-member and re-embrace a beautiful part of my inner-self that i was simply unaware - even though on a whole other level i knew ’s/he’ was within me all along = a  powerful re-awakening and retrieval of a healed part of my soul!  …how this awareness came to be was because Jill helped me re-connect my own unique way of processing - which, i feel was instrumental in a profound healing i experienced a few days AFTER the workshop… i wish to thank you so very much Jill for your super-cool on-the-spot intuitive kind-guidance… i will continue to share your transformative loving heart-work with my ’soul-circle’ anytime - you rock siSTAR!

    ”Carol Weaver”, ”carolweaver.com”

    I know what you’re thinking.

    Is this real?

    Is this for me?

    Will I really see results?

    Here’s the truth as clear as I can make it.

    If you are willing to participate, be honest and do the work as I guide you through this process,


    This is for you.