Some of the Things I Learned in 2014





 2014 You’ve been quite a year.


Here are a few of the things you’ve taught me:

1. When your Mom dies it leaves a scar

and scars are beautiful. The leave a permanent reminder of incredible events in your life. Every time I touch mine a connection is made with her almost as if she’s right here with me. In some ways she is, through memories and images. I like to believe she guides me gently while encouraging me to be bold and true to my heart. I feel closer to her now than I have since I was a young child.  


2. The saying “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” is true

and I am living proof of that. This year I went through financial devastation, a major spiritual crisis, loss of friends I thought I would have for life, my Mother’s death, the end of a romantic relationship and a shift in my career that had me questioning my sanity. And now as this year comes to a close I can look back and see the beauty in all of it. I didn’t die and I’m much stronger.  


3. Surrender and Trust in something greater than yourself will change your life

sometimes in ways that you’d rather they didn’t, and sometimes in ways that are brilliant, even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time. Having faith beyond what can be proven in a way that would satisfy a scientist opens a space in your being that allows in deep compassion, love and grace. The world needs more of that. Lots more.  


4. If you are willing to speak your truth people will listen

and it will change lives, yours most profoundly. When you are willing to open yourself and expose your most vulnerable heart you will find yourself surrounded by love and support. It creates room for others to heal.   


5. My past has given me a rich well to draw on

and the people I come in contact with in my life and my work benefit from it. We all have stories, a past, experiences that when shared allow connection and recognition between you and another human being. If you choose to recognize the gifts in it all, including what brought pain it becomes a part of your medicine bag. Healers need big medicine bags.  


6. Saying “No” to anything that doesn’t look like what you’ve dreamed of will make your dreams real

which in my case looks like a beautiful man with a heart big enough to hold all of my feminine power. Once I let go of anyone that wasn’t him it happened so fast I almost missed it and I had to circle back and look again. Thank the heavens he had enough sense to asked me out a second time. No matter if he is in my life for a day or a lifetime I will always be grateful for him.  


7. Some people are meant to be in your life for a long while; others are just passing through 

and each of them come in for a reason. They bring a lesson or message. Sometimes they’re the perfect mirrors for you to see yourself more clearly. When they leave it may take some time to see the role they were there to play. Persist. I promise there is a reason every time.  


8. You are never, ever, even for a moment, off your path

so keep walking. Choose every moment knowing you can’t go wrong even when at times it may seem that way. Keep your eyes and heart open and remember always that you are loved beyond measure and guided always. We don’t walk this path alone.  


9. Taking small actions every day will lead to big changes

in your business, personal life and community. No matter what, do something, one small thing every day with how you want to feel leading you and soon you’ll look back and be in awe of how far you’ve come. When this happens, celebrate in a big way.  


10. People who love you know when you respond with “I’m fine thanks” it’s bullshit

and will call you on it with a gentle directness. Sometimes that means saying nothing and instead wrapping you in a hug. Other times in means a glass of wine or cup of tea and a long tear filled often messy conversation.  

11. Love is the answer every single time

and when that is the place you come from you cannot go wrong. Love more, deeper, with abandon starting with your self. Fall so deeply in love with yourself that it spills out all over everyone you meet. If we all did this war would no longer exist, our mother earth would be restored to her full glory and equality would be the way of the world. Love with abandon. Please.


2015, I am so looking forward to every thing you have to offer. I promise to stay present, keep opening and remembering who and what I am and dance my way through all that is to come.

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