Free LIVE TELESEMINAR with Jill Prescott 

April 2nd


  • Wednesday, 2nd of April, 2014
  • 12:30 PST

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    During this Free Teleseminar I will share with you how to get out of stress and into calmness and clarity!

    • Stress relief in a moments notice.
    • Return to clarity quickly.
    • Take your work week from crazy to calm.
    • Ahhhh... finally. Easy access to mindfulness!

    Jill Prescott

    privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

    Who is Jill Prescott?

    Jill Prescott, founder of Tangent Path, is the button-pushing instigator that will powerfully guide you back to your heart with compassion and commitment. Expect to Fall in Love with YOU, remembering how truly powerful and capable you are! She's a Cht, Harmony Integration Coach, Intuitive, Energy Worker and Spiritual Guide. When Jill's not working one-on-one with a client she's creating and facilitating workshops and speaking to groups, large and small. Get in touch. She'd love to come talk to your group!

    Just when I was really needing someone to talk to about a very intense relationship issue, Jill reached out. I was blown away on our call. Jill has a unique ability to intuitively see beyond my words. She knew exactly what my struggle was and the right words and wisdom with which to guide me to a place of peace again. Since our call so many things in my life are making sense that didn't before. I can't thank her enough for how she has impacted my life.

    Devani Freeman: Marketing/Social Media Expert
    Devani Freeman

    Jill has the unique ability to look deep into the heart of her clients and help them see themselves as the beautiful, loving, limitless beings that they are. I've worked with Jill myself and have witnessed her work with many others; again and again she helps us connect to the freedom within and help dissolve the trappings of the mind. My personal life and business life have been uplifted by Jill's teachings and her depth of wisdom. Thank you Jill!

    Karen McGregor: International Speaker, Best selling Author, Professional Intuitive
    Karen McGregor