You’ve Been Lied To

You’ve been lied to.

Bamboozled, tricked, had the wool pulled over your eyes and mind-fucked.

And it’s been done by many of the people that you’ve put your trust and hope in. The ones that show you how wonderful their lives are, even when they aren’t. The people that profess Love and Light will solve the world’s problems whilst leaving out the bit about Love being a verb that looks a lot like activism and Light being the spark you hold to dive head and heart first into the dark.

Believing the hype without checking the history and doing the tough work is just so seductive though! All that glamor and agreement. The ease of it all. The fun!

Check this:
-Love is a verb that often requires some form of activism and always always always demands absolute inclusivity, even if you have to fight for it and don’t like everyone
-Light is what you are beyond the human form, not what you can shoot out the ass of a unicorn or pour over someone’s head to ‘heal’ them
-spirituality is a term that has often been debased for marketing purposes by those that have done minimal work
-LOA is an ancient teaching that is a practise, one that you were never meant to succeed at fully in this lifetime
-awakening is an ancient practise, one that you were never meant to succeed at fully in this lifetime
-every single thing you do, think, experience in this lifetime is all part of the practise of awakening
-all true teachings are deceptively simple, which is why they take so much work
-any teaching or training meant to eliminate a belief or habit before you have fully embraced the lesson will simply create another experience to bring you the same lesson in a different form so stop seeking a quick fix
-racism, white privilege, domination of anyone disenfranchised/marginalized is the responsibility of white people to correct
-humans are messy; every single one

The above is just the tip of the iceberg people. Now would be a good time to re-look at what you personally have subscribed to without deep consideration, including the people you’re following. I’m in the middle of it and trust me, it’s a bitch. Also, worth it.

This is not meant to have you fall into either shame/guilt or bring out your defensiveness. We do what we do until we know to do better. And we do that only when we’re ready. Maybe you are and maybe you’re not. I’m asking only that you join me in looking. I’m asking that you take the wool off your own eyes.


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