Embrace your Inner Critic and Take Back your Power!


Welcome to the registration page for the two day live workshop April 26th and 27th!


Stop the negative self talk and turn your Inner Critic into your Inner Guide

 Have you ever stopped and noticed just how much bad news and negative feedback you give yourself every day? Or how often you criticize yourself? Maybe you actually belief all of that ugly conversation.  Perhaps you are convinced that this is “just the way it is” and there’s no way of turning it around.   I would like to welcome you to a new conversation that will leave you empowered and in control of that voice in your head. I will share with you my  personal journey from constant, debilitating self-talk to a deep and loving relationship with myself that started with turning my own Inner Critic into my treasured Inner Guide.

Price: $497  


(Including a Personal session valued at $160)

Please note: This is a limited time offer for those in attendance at How to Show Up, Break Through and Live your Best Life Now!

  • Unravel the why behind what your Inner Critic is saying and learn the tools you already have to hear your true inner guidance.
  • Find out if what you’ve been telling yourself is true and discover how past programing in sabotaging your present life.
  • Learn powerful strategies to finally change the conversation and re-write your inner story for good.

You will be left with the ability to turn the negative into positive in seconds, leaving you in awe of just how incredible you really are!