An Evening of Intimate Conversation

Hearing the answers within

This is a gathering of gorgeous souls to play in conversations of consciousness, expansion and spirituality.

For some time now I have felt called to gather like minded people for the purpose of exploring and expanding on topics related to awakening, human potential and spirituality. During meditation and through conversation with friends, the idea of An Evening of Intimate Conversation came to be. The setting is intimate, candle lit with tea/water and snacks served. I hope you can join me for this very special gathering on April 10th from 7 pm to 9 pm. My co-creator with be Mr. Craig Addy of Under The Piano, a brilliant intuitive pianist that will be sharing his gift during the meditation as well as to close our evening. 


It is a common conversation these days to say we hold all answers within us. I have spoken many times about how your heart space is the place your truth resides and even done much training on how to access this through meditation, hypnotherapy and mindfulness. And I say we can go deeper. I say there’s still much to learn about this from each other, from Divine and from our guides both earth bound and from the esoteric realms. I’m curious what it means to YOU to be looking within for answers. How do you “hear” them? It is different for each of us so I invite you to come explore with an open mind and heart. Come with your curiosity on full display and play in this conversation. 

How the evening will go: We will all arrive, ready to start by 7:00 PM. To begin, there will be a short meditation to drop into our hearts and let go of the day. I will then speak to the topic, sharing what has come into my awareness through my personal journey, meditations and study. From there, others will be invited to share, expand on or question what has come up as I remain open to channel any additional information that may want to come from our guides, ascended masters and higher self.
In my experience, these conversations often will result in the possibility of spontaneous healing of the heart. If this is made available during the evening, I will offer to assist with hands on work to move through the release and into expansion.
At 9:00 PM we will end the evening with a short ceremony and grounding as we head back into the world, full of love and light.

Between now and the event, I encourage you to feel into the topic so that you can share your thoughts when the time feels right. 

The location for this event is The Silk Purse, 1570 Argyle Ave, West Vancouver BC, V7V 1A1

In consideration for the addition of Craig Addy’s music he cost for this event is $35.00 and tickets are to be purchased in advance.

Please pre-register here:
An Evening of Intimate Conversation – April 10th

Below are a couple of messages from attendees of the previous evening:

Again a very deep cool gathering – thx jill for offering… i learned a lot last night… i love how we share the wisdom in the room… ((( )))” – carol weaver

Just came back from an evening of intimate conversation hosted by Jill Prescott . What a powerful night of deep connection to self and others! A reminder that forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself and where the healing starts! Thank you Jill for everything you do. – Joyce Chen

This will be a very special EIC and I do hope you can join us!
With love,