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You’ve Been Lied To

You’ve been lied to. Bamboozled, tricked, had the wool pulled over your eyes and mind-fucked. And it’s been done by many of the people that you’ve put your trust and hope in. The ones that show you how wonderful their lives are, even when they aren’t. The people that profess Love and Light will solve […]

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How to Live Fearlessly From Love

How to Live Fearlessly From Love A while back I was asked to come lead a meditation and healing night by a client that has become a friend. He supposed there would be about six people in attendance. It was to be held at the home of one of his friends and they were inviting […]

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Mourning My Angel Babies

I’ve spent the last 3 days hanging out with two young boys while their parents did a mini vacation to NYC. I’ve been cooking, playing, keeping the house clean, driving them to soccer, the grocery store and pumpkin patch hunting. They’ve had friends over for play dates, one has crawled into bed with me, we’ve […]

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Sweet Memories

I’ve noticed that as I let go and heal more and more, I’m left with sweet memories. The pain has dissipated and in its place is an opportunity to hold on to the goodness that was. Because if you look closely, no matter how bad it was, there was sweetness as well. In my second […]

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Love at your core

Who are you, at your core? I, like many others, had been seeking my purpose. That “thing” that drives us, lights a person up, makes us do the things we do. Several times, I thought I had it. I’d done a lot of reflecting, had many incredible conversations, felt that tingle when you hit on […]

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