Dear Jill

A shift has been happening in me and I felt a need to hold off posting any more blogs until I was grounded in the direction I was being called to go. You see, over the last couple of years many things have changed in my life and until recently I was still holding on to the barriers and shields I’d put up to protect myself. After much soul searching and connecting with Spirit it has become clear that it is time to put down the shields and break down the barriers. What has come of this is a gift of an even deeper connection with my own heart and the hearts of others. And so this is the first of what will from here forward be raw and vulnerable disclosures. The intention is that you, dear ones, may find the courage and space to give yourselves the same gift.



After watching a video on Soulpancake about talking to your 10 year old self, I found myself moved to tears. For me, this is a clear call to action.


This is what I wrote:

 happy birthday glasses

Dear Jill,

Happy 10th birthday. I know that things are rough for you right now. You feel so very alone and confused by what has happened in your life so far. You don’t feel like there is any place for you in this world. For you, love is a foreign concept that isn’t talked about and even though there is love in your life, you do not recognize it. I know you think of yourself as stupid and ugly, and you feel you have no value.

I’m here to tell you that all of that is going to change.

Over the next several years you’ll experience heartbreak so deep that it should destroy you. Your life will be turned upside down so often you’ll eventually find yourself on the other side of the world. You will experience love, pain, loss of faith, sorrow and joy. People will come into your life that will teach you many lessons; some difficult and others profound. And through all of it you will survive, grow, evolve. There will be times that you want to give up and then a voice will come to you. It will whisper so quietly only your soul will hear and you will go on. You will come to a time in your life when love and connection will carry you. You will discover that you are precious. You have a heart so big it is able to love even those that have tried to break it. You’re intelligent in ways that cannot be learned in books or classrooms. And you’re beautiful. Truly.

And so, dear one, celebrate this birthday. Blow out all your candles and dance.

I love you.


Give yourself the gift of writing to your younger self today. And tell me, what is one thing you’d really like that little one inside of you to know?



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  1. Devani Freeman November 7, 2013 at 4:47 am #

    What a great post Jill! Thanks for sharing and I love your exercise of writing a letter to your 10 year old self! How powerful 🙂

    • Tangent Path November 21, 2013 at 12:27 am #

      Thanks Devani! It was an eye opener for sure. And it works just as well for any age that calls you.

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