Full Day Guided Meditation and Healing

Claim Your Heart

When I created this workshop I had no idea just how powerful it would be. Nine people came together last month and a space so clear and safe was created that many old beliefs where released, healing happened on various levels, people discovered much about themselves and a beautiful truth was recognized:

We are truly all one

You are invited to experience this for yourself April 25th.

Within, you hold all the bold, expansive knowledge of the universe. The answers to what your heart desires and what it will take to make that happen. If you could peel open, unravel, reveal all of that knowledge, what would you want to know? What is the question beneath the question that you’ve been long seeking the answer to? 

Too often we listen only to the noise in our lives, and not only the constant barrage of everyday sounds but also the old conversations that keep going around and around in our heads. We’ve gotten so used this way that we’ve forgotten how to slow down long enough to truly know what our heart wants.

April 25th  you will begin to open your heart space as you head towards that endless well of knowledge. It is in the stillness that you can hear your own true voice, your hearts desires which is a direct communication with Spirit.

This is a full immersion day, each meditation bringing you deeper into your heart.

*This is for you if you are ready to discover the truth beyond what you’ve know so far as possible.

*This is for you if you’re ready to understand what it takes to truly live from your heart.

*This is for you if, as you read this, your heart starts to beat a little faster. 

You can expect to be held in a sacred space, to be nourished and to be respected. Each person is given the opportunity for individual guidance and encouraged to move through whatever emotions arise. There will be 3 meditations throughout the day and following each meditation I will guide you to understand the messages and teaching that have come through for you. Often times, the information is for everyone which is why group work is so very powerful. Also, be sure to come with an ability to laugh as you will experience true joy and connection as you break through the layers built around your heart. 

We will begin at 9:00 am and complete between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. Lunch and snacks as well as water and tea will be provided, however feel free to bring additional food if you have a special diet or favourite treat. The lunch will be gluten free and vegetarian.

Please bring a water bottle, blanket and/or cushion for your comfort as well as your journal. I would suggest dressing in layers. Wear comfortable shoes as we may choose to step outside during a break for a short walk. 

This will be limited to 10 guests and the cost for the day is $250.00 plus GST.  Feel free to email me at jill@tangentpath.com with any questions.