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I’ve created two new ways to stay on track with wisdom from the guides for a whole YEAR!!

Many of you have been booking regular readings, having figured out that the guides don’t run out of guidance and each time brings more clarity, understanding of situations and direction. It’s also the most cost effective way to work with me. 🙂

How this works: You choose either bi-monthly or monthly readings and we meet via Zoom or Skype for your 30 minute reading. Each are recorded and sent via email for you to download. These are powerful and grounded readings, leaving you with understanding and actions to take. My guides don’t mess around with non-productive information. Choose which one works best for you by clicking the images below and let’s get started! (PS: There are a limited number of spots as my calender is filling up quickly!)

Monthly Oracle Readings

Bi Monthly Oracle Readings 

“Seriously, I don’t know why anyone would say no to this! Your own personal Oracle BadAss every month? No brainer!” – Andrea



Of course, I’m still available for your single readings as well!

Book a 30 Minute Session

Book a 60 Minute Session

These are unique sessions that begin with an over-view card draw in which you will immediately see with more clarity what it is that’s been stopping your or what there is to work through. We will then dive deeper into the areas that are most important to you. You will not only receive information but will also be given channelled guidance that you can take into your life to see real shifts! We complete with a silent mediation, opening the gateways to your higher consciousness, guides and angels. 

-Is there a relationship you’d like clarity around?

-Are you wondering if a career move would provide more satisfaction?

-Have you been experiencing anxiety or general unrest?

Or perhaps you’d simply like to tap in to the messages and insights from your guides and angels. Whatever it is you are looking for guidance on the are sure to provide loving and grounded insight.

The deets: 

-All are done via FaceTime, Skype or phone. 
-Cost is $75 + GST for 30 mins or $140 + GST for 60 mins
-You are welcome to gift a session! 

Ok, time to book your spot:  Book a 30 Minute Session or Book a 60 Minute Session
You will be taken to my booking calendar and can choose the best time for you. 
Much love,

I had my reading with Jill the other day and OMG! What came up was unexpected but so needed. A decision I have been putting off and avoiding was shown clearly how moving forward needs to be with a choice. And the best part was clarity that no decision is wrong, the commitment is what’s needed and then there is always the chance to re-choose later. It was a freeing experience and always feeling so much love from Jill in the conversation. – Joanne Moore