Intuitive Reading with Distance Healing



Are you seeking guidance in your life? Perhaps you know what you want and simply don’t know what direction to take next. Or you simply feel confused or anxious about a decision you have to make. During an Intuitive Reading and Distance healing session, I will be channelling wisdom from the light beings with the help of Angel, Faerie and Wisdom cards. This is more than a reading. It is also a coaching session as once the guidance comes through I help you see how you may choose to put it into practise to take you in the direction that best serves you.

Once the reading is complete we will both meditate for a few minute while I offer a distance healing with the help of my guides. This is an energetic blessing that is felt by you and I both. Once complete, you will share your experience with me and I will offer any additional insight that may come through during the healing.

Here is what others have had to say about these sessions:

My experience: the reading I had with you, Jill deeply resonated with what is going on in my life right now. I found it deeply moving, challenging and empowering! Your words have stayed with me, freeing myself to make choices from a healthier place…..a soulful place. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a positive, compassionate and loving way, Jill. – Ginny 

I feel like I got slapped in the forehead in a very good way. I needed to realize that I have to trust myself and all the feelings I have as well as my intuition. And the stomachache? It’s gone!  I appreciate the insight you have. It makes me feel like people cna actually see me if I let them. – Natalie

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