My journey has lead me through traumas and heartbreaks to joy and love. I’ve been a seeker of what humanity is capable of for most of my life and began to really understand and connect with the fact that we hold all the answers within us. Although I have not and never will stop evolving my practise and my life, this knowledge has taken my career, personal life and spirituality to a whole new level. DSC04029

My passion for personal and spiritual growth, empowering people and healing is why I offer these programs and journeys. I am committed that people experience change that lasts so they can live their lives fulfilled.

Trained at Coastal Academy, my credentials include Clinical Hypnotherapist and Level 3 Heart Resonance energy worker.

I’m a Certified Intuitive with additional experience in Angel card readings. 

I am also a Harmony Integration Coach trained at Warrior Sage Academy.

I have a background in leadership training and development in my many years in business and I am a highly trained graduate of several Landmark Education programs. 

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