Heart Resonance


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Experience Pure, Positive change in your life now with Heart Resonance. Heart Resonance (HR) is a system that supports you to fully align to the energetic shifts happening on our planet.

-Better Health & More Happiness

-Clearing of unwanted energies that may be affecting your health, both physical and emotional

-Deeper connection to your Truth

-Higher Levels of Spiritual Consciousness

-Experience More of the New Energy of the Planet, a pure Love energy

HR helps you to become a more caring, loving person, instilling a greater level of Self-Love. A person that is less worried about the negativity that is interwoven through our day-to-day life experiences. In essence, it allows you to function in a more spiritually conscious way. This brings massive benefit to the quality of your life.

During an HR session, the practitioner acts as a conduit for this pure Love energy to flow through you. It is a beautiful, deeply calming experience. You will feel deeply connected to Divinity as well as humanity.

As a level 3 practitioner, I will scan varies systems in the body such as the water system, meridians, muscular and blood to begin to restore harmony both physically and energetically.

There are many uses for Heart Resonance energy, each one a beautiful gift guided by Higher Consciousness.