Soul Sisters Intensive



Sisters, it is our time.

 On November 7th from 9-6 you are invited to join us as we dive into the topic of Relationships. This is a day of discovery, learning, breakthroughs and connection in a safe and sacred space. 
Each of us has a relationship (or 6) that challenges us. Are you ready to heal? To let go of old stories telling you how it ‘should’ be and open to empowered, loving relationships? Perhaps you’re seeking your life partner or navigating the often choppy waters of family dynamics. Bring it all on November 7th and allow yourself the gift of transformation. 

Trust and Surrender

We are the healers, medicine women, leaders and lovers. When you get even the smallest glimpse of this your life changes irrevocably. There is such graceful power in knowing yourself as woman amongst women, deeply committed to owning your femininity. You bring forth in yourself and others an ability and willingness to be fully you, without apology. Just imagine for a moment what that is like and what may change in your relationships with this as your guide.

Join me as we explore the Relationships in a new light. 

Gathered in circle, we will hold each other in deep respect.
You will be loved, honoured and nurtured. Your heart will be open and a new sense of grounded peace will fill your soul, allowing deeply connected relationships to become what is normal for you. 

No one needs fixing; we all need each other.

“I walked into the intensive wishing I hadn’t committed. I’d had a busy week, the sun was shining and the last thing I wanted to do was sit in a workshop. 
I left the intensive feeling love and gratitude in my cells, thanking God for having me keep my promise. Heart opening, expansive and transformational are words to describe this lovely day in a community of women.
Jill is soulful and wonderful as she guides energy and practises throughout the day. Every woman should attend a Soul Sister’s Intensive.” – Sandi Amorim, Best Selling Author of the 100 Day Promise


Join me November 7th 2015  for the Soul Sisters Intensive. 


Listen to your heart. (Register here)

The details:

We will begin our time together at 9:00 AM with the intention of completing by 6:00 PM.
A vegetarian, gluten free lunch as well as snacks, water and tea will be provided.
Please bring a covered water bottle, blank or shawl, pillow and most importantly your journal. I highly recommend dressing in comfortable layers as the energy coming in can go quickly from cool to hot.

The cost for the day is $250 pl GST inclusive of lunch, snacks, tea and water.

Location: 1 Renaissance Square, New Westminster BC V3M 0B6. Buzz 033 or text 604-217-3180. There is plenty of street parking if you’re driving and it is approximately a 12 minute walk along the boardwalk from the New Westminster Quay if you’re coming via the Skytrain.

Are you ready? (Click here to register today)

“How does this impact my life? In every way indeed. My stress levels have come way down. The tension in my body is lowering and I am able to cope in healthy ways. I speak when there is something to say. I observe and notice and feel everything around me and I sense a change in me when I get out of my head and into my heart. I don’t need to be fixed, I just need to listen. I believe that I transcended this week since the workshop, and I now truly understand what that means.” 
– Marlee Nygard

This is an intimate gathering, held to a maximum of 10 women. If you feel called, register today. Should you have questions, no matter of what nature, contact me directly and we will arrange a call.

With love,

Now is the time. (Click here to register)