Love Notes


Jill has the unique ability to look deep into the heart of  her clients and help them to see themselves as the beautiful, loving, limitless beings that they are. I’ve worked with Jill myself and have witnessed her work with many others; again and again she helps us connect to the freedom within and dissolve the trappings of the mind. My personal life and business have been uplifted by Jill’s teachings and her depth of wisdom. Thank you Jill!

Just when I was really needing someone to talk to about a very intense relationship issue, Jill reached out. I was blown away on our call. Jill has a unique ability to intuitively see beyond my words. She knew exactly what my struggling was and the right words and wisdom with to guide me to a place of peace again. Since our call so many things in my life are making sense that didn’t before. I can’t thank her enough for how she has impacted my life.

I have an even stronger sense of my place in the world.  It’s seems now that every time something comes up to bother me I am able to step back and see that I am in control of my feelings, regardless of what others are putting out there.  I’m stronger and happier.

Domenic Weber

I left the session with a feeling of happiness and totally in charge of my life.

Vanessa Goncalves

Had an incredible experience this morning with Jill Prescott – thank you for being the grounding, light and love for me. It truly made the difference today.

Michelle Simpson

After just a handful of sessions my life has been unequivocally changed for the better! Jill has an incredible skill for listening to not just your words, but also the underlying meaning veiled beneath them.

Teresa Shkvarchuk

Jill’s presence and Love was palpable as she guided me through a Harmony Integration process. The weight of a lifetime fell away as I fully realized who I am, and that no one can ever take that away. Truly grateful for the experience.

Sandi AmorimDeva Coaching

Working with Jill has been an amazing experience. I started, I wasn’t sure what to expect and had no real understanding of what hypnosis or hypno-therapy was. Not only did Jill make it easy to understand, she created a space in which I immediately felt comfortable and safe. I have found this process to be a gentle way to look at things both under the surface, that I may not know are there, and in plain view, that I may not like but know I want to face. And, at the end of each session, I feel peaceful and connected – to myself, to others and to source.

I highly recommend Jill if you are looking for a way to access the sub conscious, create new habits, let go of old patterns or simply find out how great you really are with all your facets!

Christine Unterthiner Pilot Design

Jill Prescott, from Tangent Path is an amazing individual. She is both calm and feisty in a wonderful balance that immediately puts you at ease with her. This is important because she will help you explore the most vulnerable depths of your soul. Her program, The Inner Critic, speaks to the voice inside your head that talks smack about you. In three sessions Jill will introduce you to your Inner bitch.. I mean Critic, and bring you to a common ground with her. Weekly phone calls with Jill are always something to look forward to and she’ll give you as much or as little time as you need to discuss your thoughts on the corresponding homework assignment. I was amazed at how much we could accomplish in 3 short weeks. Thanks Jill for providing me such an altering experience!

Erica Richmond

Working with Jill is an amazing and life altering experience. Every single time I work with Jill I see life in a new way and leave with new actions to take. Every time I come back I think “I don’t know what else I can get. It can’t be as good as last time.” And then she creates this safe space and gives room to all those thoughts and we uncover something else that gives me a new freedom in my life!

Jenoah Esquiro