Energetic Healing and Guidance Session

The Table Sessions

The first question anyone asks when I share about the Energetic Healing and Guidance Sessions is “What is it?” A natural question that I will do my best to answer here.

When you arrive we will sit and talk for a while, discussing any areas of your life that you’re looking for a shift in or whatever your heart wants to share. From there, you’re invited to lay on the massage table (fully clothed except your socks!) and relax. I will guide you in a meditation and then allow you to simply drift while I work. I am called to place my hands on areas of the physical body for gentle massage, movement and light touch. When the session is complete we will talk again as you and I often receive messages throughout.

Although the experience is different with each client and deepens with each session you come for, the consistent feedback has been a state of total relaxation beyond just the physical body creating a light state of trance, release of physical and emotional trauma and a connection with higher self that allows insights and messages to come through.

-Relieve stress and anxiety
-Work through grief
-Increase feelings of calm and peace
-Reach a state of deep meditation
-Increase your bodies ability to heal 
-Receive message from higher consciousness
-Get intuitive coaching
-Leave feeling nurtured and loved

Here is feedback from some that have experienced Energetic Healing and Guidance Sessions :

One of my good friends Jill Prescott is offering AMAZING hands-on healing sessions. She is an incredible healer with many powerful gifts… and I can’t recommend her highly enough. In my personal experience, she has a way of tuning in to what the mind/body/soul needs and allowing for the greatest transformation to occur on ALL levels… physically, emotionally and spiritually. Truly a gifted healer. – James Randall Smith

For me it was a cleansing – a sense of relief of emotions and feelings I have been carrying for a long time. I truly felt lighter and more open to the next step of my life – an amazing experience I am looking forward to the next. – Stephanie Kennedy

 Relaxation, expansion, clarity, and release of constriction. In general a great feeling of peace afterwards! And the messages you’ve given me have always been relevant for what’s been up in my life at the time. – Jill Boadway

The cost of the session is $150.00 Plus GST.  You should set aside 2 hours although in most cases we will finish within 90 minutes. Please enquire about multi-session packages.

Book your session(s) here: Energetic Healing and Guidance Sessions