What is the Truth about the Truth?



while back I began to question everything my mind came up with. Every thought, every decision, every belief.

All of it.

I discovered that what my mind told me wasn’t always what I wanted to believe. It was just on autopilot, misleading me based on past experiences I don’t even remember in a conscious state. Woah. This practise turned my world upside down.

This is what I came to realize: 

There is no such thing as THE TRUTH. There is only what you choose to BELIEVE. 

Hang in with me for a bit here, I know for some this is a wild and crazy concept.
Imagine if everyone got really clear that their beliefs are something they made up based on something someone else told them. Or on some event that happened when they were three. None of it grounded in reality. No one could then say another’s beliefs were wrong. No one could say they knew “The Truth”. And then what? Well, it’s hard to start an arguement over different beliefs if none of them are deemed to be the truth. 


Start small with this. Maybe start with your friend that believes the best way to get fit is through swimming and dance, and you believe it’s by running 5 km’s 5 days a week. Are either of you right? Or wrong? Of course not. Now, expand on that: your friend practises an Islamic religion. You, on the other hand, practise Judaism. In parts of the world you not only would not even be friends, you’d likely be at war. All because for you, what you’ve chosen to believe is the truth. 


Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong or bad to have beliefs. Where the suffering happens is in the belief that your way, your “Truth”, is the only one with any validity. But what if it was simply what you’ve chosen to believe? Imagine what you could do with that. Imagine the conversations that could be had and the different choices that could be made. The conflicts that could be set aside.

Imagine the Harmony that would be possible.

And take it a step further: imagine if you felt free to evolve your truth without judgement or recrimination. What would that open up as possible for you?

I invite you to simply try this on. Start to look for yourself. Really hear what the voice in your head has decided is the truth and then choose.

What truth are you holding onto? Tell me in the comments below.

With love,


And of course, none of what I’ve said here is THE TRUTH.   😉

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