Fall in Love with YOU! That’s what happens when you work with me. Whether you’re a young woman just starting to get your feet under you or a midlife Goddess ready to clear the slate and write a new story for your life, I’d love to dig deep with you and clear out the clutter so you can get the party called Life in full swing! As for you incredible men, if you’re ready to get to know the warrior within and step fully into your true power then get over here! We’ve got work to do and I know you’re up for it. Consider this your official invitation to the rest of your life.


One-on-One, 5 Session Intensive 

When we decide to work together One-on-One, we take on the issues that you’ve been trying to resolve on your own. Maybe you’ve scratched the surface of what’s really going on but you just know there’s way more to it that. We dig deep, bringing to light the underlying negative conversations you’ve been having with yourself and creating a brand new conversation that supports positive actions.

Within you are all the answers to any of the challenges in your life; it’s a matter of learning to listen to your heart, your higher self and getting into action from there. No action, no change. This is called an Intensive because you will be challenged and encouraged to go beyond what is comfortable, pushing past your self-imposed boundaries so that you expand beyond your current reality. I will be right beside you throughout this process and you can count on being supported, loved and honored.

“Jill’s presence and Love was palpable as she guided me” – Sandi Amorim

We will begin with what’s going on in your life right now, on the court. I’ll be asking you to share with me your biggest concern or upset as this is your access to the underlying pain and suffering. From there, I will guide you using the modality that will best resolve the problem creating deep and lasting results. You will leave feeling freed up with access to new understandings as well as simple take-home practices that will reinforce the positive changes you make during our time together.

The magic happens when you bring your new actions and insights into your every day life. If you hit a roadblock between sessions I’m available via email anytime and for short calls as well. Get in touch to celebrate a win or to work through a stuck spot quickly with ease and grace.

You can expect to experience any or all of the following:

Hypnosis, Harmony Integration, Intuitive Reading, Heart Resonance Energy, Intuitive Coaching and all of my years of accumulated and gifted knowledge and wisdom. 

To get this started, you and I agree that we’re a good fit by having a conversation to get to know one another. I’m not the guide for everyone and that’s ok. If at the end of this conversation, commonly known as a Discovery Session, we get a glimpse of the magic that could happen, we set the dates for the next 3 months, get the paperwork and payment out of the way and get started!

The logistics:

5 sessions over 3 months with unlimited email support.  You are also encouraged to call me for short conversation to either celebrate a big win (Yah!!) or quickly resolve a pressing issue. Between sessions, you will be practising what we open up in our sessions. These sessions will be via phone, skype or FaceTime. Each session will be 60 to 90 minutes.


Group Meditation and Healing

Join me for group Guided Meditation and Healing sessions. This is a beautiful opportunity to bring whatever is happening in your life to a sacred space to be released and healed, allowing room for your personal growth. We begin with a guided meditation that will lead you to your internal wisdom. From there each person shares their experience and I give my full attention as we open and expand on the images, messages and insights you receive. As it is with all group events, each one in attendance benefits from all of that is shared. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed with a renewed sense of peace and tranquility. These events are hosted by people that want to bring this work to their friends and family in the comfort of their own homes. As the host, you attend at no cost and receive a complimentary 45 minute in person or skype/phone session as my gift to you. Please contact me directly to book your event here: Contact


Hypnosis, Meditation and Healing for Deep Relaxation and Heart opening

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and anxious? Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you sometimes feel like there is a fog around you, blocking clarity and calmness? Is your body responding with aches and pains or headaches?

Through one on one Intuitive Meditation and Healing sessions, you will experience a deep, profound calmness. Working with Heart Resonance Energy, Intuitive Healing and Hypnosis, you will return to a state of wholeness, releasing energetic blocks and healing pain, both emotional and physical. Besides the immediate benefits you can also expect your sleep to improve tremendously, allowing the fog to clear. You will wake up refreshed and renewed ready to start the day fully alive and present.


VIP Day with Jill

Have you every dreamed of having someone that is completely committed to your life being exceptional spend an entire day concentrating on just YOU? Are you ready to crack your heart wide open so that you remember how incredible you really are? During the 6 to 8 hours we work together you will learn your hearts desire and what is possible for your life.  This is a beautiful, graceful journey that will challenge you to open beyond what you currently believe is your reality.

What is it that you truly want your life to look like and how do you get there? As each person is unique, so is each VIP Day. The day is customized just for you based on what it is your wanting to work on. As this is very deep work I accept clients only after an in depth conversation to decide if the time is right for this in your life. Book your complimentary call with me HERE.