Embrace Your Inner Critic and Take Back Your Power!

To my SoulCircle, you may not know that not many years ago I was struggling with a debilitating lack of self worth. If you could have looked into my deepest self you would have found a woman that underneath a lot of bravado, thought of herself as stupid and unlovable. From the outside my life looked sweet! Well paying job, attractive husband, great shoe collection… 😉

Inside my head there was a constant barrage of self sabotaging conversations and I had no idea that a) this was what was creating the stress and anxiety, b) I wasn’t alone in this and c) that something could be done about it.  I’m so deeply grateful for having been introduced to the concept of the Inner Critic. It began a deep exploration of what it takes to alter the conversations from negative to empowering. Now, not only has my life become one of connection, love and clarity, I also get to share this brilliant work with others and witness their powerful transformations as well! I’m excited to invite you to this life altering workshop.

Over the two days we are together you will get  in touch with your power and alter the self sabotaging conversations holding you back in any area of your life. Together, we’ll explore where, when and why these Inner Critics showed up so that we can heal and re-write the conversation. There will be laughter, tears and a deep sense of love and community. Expect to make some lifelong friends as we share this transformational experience together. You will learn: – How to recognize when your IC is running the show – Why we’ve held on to the self sabotaging conversations – When your IC came into existence – What purpose it has served over the years – How to change the conversation from negative to empowering – What category your IC falls under and why  And most importantly… 

What it will take to turn your Inner Critic into your most powerful Inner Guide

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You’re invited to this safe and sacred space where I will lead you on your healing journey. Together, we will uncover the hurt behind the voices.  Through powerful exercises, guided visualizations and meditations as well as one on one work and group support you will take charge of those thoughts and conversations that have been running you for so long.  What one client had to say about her experience with this work: 

EricaJill Prescott is an amazing individual. She is both calm and feisty in a wonderful balance that immediately puts you at ease with her. This is important because she will help you explore the most vulnerable depths of your soul. Her program, The Inner Critic, speaks to the voice inside your head that talks smack about you. Jill will introduce you to your Inner Critic, and bring you to a common ground with her. I was amazed at how much we could accomplish in a short period of time. Thanks Jill for providing me such an altering experience!

Erica Richmond


I felt heard and very well taken care of. I thought Jill  was amazing in the way she was able to distill and interpret what I was saying to get to the heart of the issue. 

 Christine Hegvold

If you want to really learn how to love yourself, Jill is the best person to show you the way. Sessions with Jill are really for people who are adamant and determined to make a change. That’s what I love!  

 Karolina  Frances

Jill is a gem. One of the most powerful and intuitive people I know. Working with her will unleash your potential and connect you to what your life is for!

Jenoah Esquiro